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The Dodgeville School District would like to sincerely thank residents for their consideration and support in passing the referendum. Thank you for listening, learning and committing to investing in our future together.  This is one of many efforts to continue to improve on the quality of education the Dodgeville School District has come to expect and enjoy.  Stay tuned for updates as we plan and then implement the proposed facilities improvements projects.  Our kids deserve the best we can give them.  Again, THANK YOU!

Find important information here about the Dodgeville School District Referendum Plan, including how the plan was developed and its scope: http://www.dsd.k12.wi.us/referinfo.cfm

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Dodgeville Elementary School - 404 N. Johnson St., Dodgeville, WI, 53533
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Ridgeway Elementary School - 208 Jarvis St., Ridgeway, WI, 53582
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Dodgeville Middle School - 951 W. Chapel St., Dodgeville, WI, 53533
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Dodgeville High School - 912 W. Chapel St., Dodgeville, WI, 53533
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